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The Good News
(Cebu  Sept. 22-24, 2000)

    The VISMIN convention was a  rousing success.. with 67 couples and priests ( 5 priests) held at Talavera
House of Prayer , Pardo Cebu. It  was particpated by 5 couples from Manila, 11 couples  from Iloilo, 10.5 couples
from Bacolod and 9 couples from Dumaguete. There were 2 couples  from  Cagayan de Oro, and the rest from

Pol and Nena gave a talk on THE CALL and THE CHURCH which was  so beautiful, so meaningful and made
many couples realize how we as couples, as teams, as  a WMEcommunity are called.  The presentations were
fantastic and gave down to earth sharing and so focused.

The talk on Challenge, by a widow and widower ( Pilar of June from Cagayan de Oro and Rudy of More from
Dumaguete) really touched the hearts of many couples.  They shared their experience on the pain of separation by
death from their spouse.  The message they want herald to all couples who are still lucky to have their beloved
partner by their side is,  " We have experience the pain of separation by death, and while you still have your spouse
with you.... please love them".

There was also a talk on Daring the Dream, with a video  presentation, organized  by Oying & Ruth. The
presentation showed the extent of our dream ... to heal this world.

The entire convention was worth attending, so meaningful and enjoyable. It started with an improved version of the
plane METPAHOR, all laced up with suspense and drama.  The talks were serious yet alive, and it climaxed with a
challenge to all the couples to continue their dreams.

It was a fruit of love from all the couples and priests who shared themselves from the bottom of their hearts, and the
Cebu Community who hosted the convention. Terry and Marnie Malicse wishes to thank all the participants who
took the responsibility of making the convention worthwhile, meaningful and enjoyable.

While we have given this opportunity to have the teams get together in this Team Convention, next year's plan is to
have a Community WME Convention -particiapted by all the Sunday Night Couples and priests, by zones  or group
of zones. The goal is to attract more awareness for the 25th Anniversary Celebration on Nov. 16-18, 2001.
The National Eclesial Team is hopeful that by next year there will be a Convention for Priests and Religious, and
added that, "While we were full of  joy seeing the team couples so happy in bringing home the hope and dream - of
their community,  we really missed those who failed to attend the convention in Manila and in the Vismin."


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Hello there dear Lovers. Are you already aware that our WWME-Philippines Silver Anniversary is forthcoming?
Yes! our beloved apostolate will be 25 years touching the lives of countless couples and thier families.
It is going to be a momentous event next year, November 16-19, 2001.

Join the bandwagon and don't be left out.  It will be a once in a lifetime event.

Alot of prepartion is going on right now, and the organizers wants you to join in. In the coming months
couples from the organizing commitee will come and visit you, to drum up awareness from all of you couples who believe in the sacrament of matrimony and priesthood.

Stop whatever you are doing and book this event in your calendar.
We want as many couples as possible to attend this dream come true event. See you soon.


Cebu had their first reach out in the new millennium in Bogo, South of Cebu- with 7 couples. So
enthusiastic to reach out to more couples, they are planning to have their next weekend this last week of
April. The reach out was one of the missions of the living cell in Cebu Central in cooperation with Buddy
& Maya Tan, a couple from Manila who is also from Bogo and supported by the entire Cebu community.
Cebu City community gave a weekend with 8 couples. Camotes, Cebu is scheduling their weekend on
March 31-April 2, 2000.

Victor & Nenette Ladiona send in this latest news from Cebu. Having two simultaneous weekends in one
zone? Seems incomprehensible if not impossible, but the WWME community of Cebu did it. One
weekend in Poro, Camotes and another one scheduled in Balamban in Cebu City. There were ten couples
who attended the Porohanon weekend and 15 couple and 1 priest in the Balamban weekend.

When asked how they did it, Vic & Nenette said, "...all we know was that there was a need and the
couples like to do it, and so... it was done." A big hearty congratulations to the community of Cebu
WWME for a job well done.

The community in Camotes also successfully celebrated their 3rd year annniversary. There were six
weekends in its 3 year of existence and all were represented. Each batch, from weekend 1-6 entertained
and mesmerized everybody in their song and dance presentations. Present also for the special occasion
was Fr. Mat Gorgonio, Spiritual Director of the College Seminary of the Archdiocese of Davao, who was
visiting his hometown Poro at that time. To make the evening celebration even more memorable was the
personal appearance of the alter ego of Yoyoy Villame, Esmer of Jane Obeso, and Mr. Entertainment
himself, Vic Ladiona, which brought the house down.

Fr. Vic Igoy, feeling recharged seeing the developments, commited himself to give a weekend outside of
Poro this coming May 12- 14 weekend. We are seeing God's hands at work in the visit of Fr. Mat
Gorgonio, as
he will make the weekend a lot more easier for Fr. Vic, because he will take care of his responsibilities in
the parish while in the weekend.
Another good news is a possibility of reviving the weekend in Davao City. With the help of Fr. Mat (the
Cebu community asked him to make available the seminary as venue for the weekend) plus his help in the
recruitment, everyone is feeling excited over this dream of bringing the WWME weekend to Davao.

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