Frequently Asked Questions

Who May Take The Weekends?

Worldwide Marriage Encounter is welcoming any couple who wants to enrich their relationship.  Whether you are doing fine with your partner right now, there is more to discover, or if you are disillusioned, or luke warm, then you and your partner can bring back the warmth and luster of romance.  Discover the Worldwide Marriage Encounter way of communication.

Marriage Encounter welcomes priests and religious who want to revitalize their relationship with the people of God and develop an even deeper appreciation for their own vocation.

What Happens During the Marriage Encounter Weekend?

An atmosphere is created on the weekend in which the couple can concentrate exclusively with each other.  A series of presentations are given by a team of couples and a priest.  Each talk is carefully structured to help you look at yourself, your marriage, the Christian ideal for it, and the way it affects the world.  There is a positive approach that starts with the love you already have.  Then in a quiet and reflective atmosphere, WWME will help you build, expand and deepen your relationship.

Does the Weekend Respect the Couples Privacy?

Yes!  WWME emphasizes communication between husband and wife which is free of everyday distractions and tensions.  You concentrate on your spouse to such an extent that you are hardly aware of the other couples who are on the weekend too.  After the presentations, the couples have time in the privacy of their own room for their own sharing.  You will not be required to express your personal thoughts or feelings with the group.

  Do You Have to be a Catholic?

No!  Marriage Encounter does present God as a focus for succesful marriage.  The teams are Catholics, and in theology of marriage as a Sacrament of the Church, but couples of any faith can benefit from it and are encouraged to attend.

When and Where is the Weekend?

In Metro Manila,  weekends are held two times a month.  The first one for the North Zone is on every first weekend of each month at the Manresa Retreat House in Banawe, Quezon City.  The second weekend is the South Zone and are held every third weekend of each month at Our Mother of Mercy Retreat House in Tagaytay. For the other areas,  please click here or go to the Schedule of Weekends page.

How Long Does the Weekend Last?

The weekend starts at 8:00 PM Friday night and runs until about 6:00 PM Sunday afternoon.  Meals and snacks are provided.

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring only your own personal items. ( i.e. toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, soap, shavers.)  The dress code is casual and comfortable for the entire weekend.  You may bring one set of Sunday clothes, for the Sunday Mass.

What is the Cost of the Weekend?

At the end of the weekend, each couple is given a blank envelope and asked to make a donation.  No one is ever denied the opportunity to attend a weekend because of lack of funds.

Where Can We Get More Information?

You can send e-mail us or contact the Coordinators in your areas in the Schedule of Weekends page.

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