We Remember, We Celebrate,  We Believe
Some Comments From Couples, Priest and Religious, of the Jubilee Celebration

 "Congratulations to the WME community  for pulling off a fantastically successful convention in Cebu.  OUTSTANDING is the word for it in terms of attendance, format, content, & communications delivery to a  large audience. Frankly, best WME convention we have ever
 experienced locally & abroad.  The synergy ,enthusiam, & generosity of all members of the convention organizing & management team were simply fantastic.  As participants, we come out of the convention greatly fulfilled and immensely hopefull that the "best is yet to come" for WME as an an instrument for renewing/strengthening the church families in the Philippines. Indeed the Holy Spirit works wonders through each of us and we thank the Lord w/ all of you for blessing us this weekend  w/ a wonderful gathering of a loving & serving community." 
Ric & Daisy dela Torre, National Ecc. Couple 1984 to 1986. 

 "What a great weekend! Awesome indeed" 
 Edgar & Sonia, Bacolod Coordinator 

 " and friendship was in the air among couples. A very meaningful candle lighting and impressive backdrop" 
   Beni & Vilma, Cebu 

 "Magnificent! Superb production!" 
   Lito & Cely, National Coordinator 1981-1983 

 "What seperates WME apart is the intimacy I've seen in the halls; and you are real and not afraid to be foolish in love" 
   Sister Sonia Aldeguer 

 "I cried when I saw the 25th Anniversary candles. Fantastic!" 
   Msgr. Rollie Castillo, Batangas Team Priest 

 "We felt like the prodigal son, we were lost for a long time and the Silver Jubilee convention welcome us back to a grand celebration with open arms with much enthusiasm" 

   Mameng & Mike, North Zone

by Dado & Cory Hipolito

Golf tournament as a fund raising activity??? But it is such an elitist game.  It is not fitted to our orientation as a movement for all couples.  These were comments that one would often hear when suggestions to hold a golf tournament would come up.  It therefore took 24 years before the WWME sponsored a golf tournament.  With the able leadership of Henry and Lizzie Atayde, a "professional" golf tournament organizer, the first ever WWME golf tournament finally became a reality. 

Being the Financial Couple and responsible for the fund raising activity, we had no choice but be immersed in this project.  Since it was held in Sherwood Hills in Trece Martires, Cavite, and we had announced that tee off would start anytime between 7 and 9 AM, we had to make sure that we will be at the site by 6 AM.  We had to wake up at 4:30 am. What a big sacrifice when we don't play golf anyway.  But we were gladdened when we saw our very supportive National coordinator, Terry and Marnie Malicse.  30 Golfers started trickling in.  By 9am, the last flight had teed off.

It was idle time for Terry (who couldn't play because he was suffering from pneumonia at that time) and Marnie, Albert (who couldn't play because he just recovered from hypertension) of Marie, Alma of Bobby and ourselves.  At one point, we commented how difficult it was to wait for the golden boys.  It must take them twice as slow to walk and hit the ball.

Lunch and the awarding ceremonies started at way past 1 PM.  Kasi, mabagal na mag-golf, mas mabagal pang maligo.  Because of the generosity and hardwork of our couples, there were ample prizes for all 31 golfers.  We count 31 golfers although only 30 played because Albert of Marie paid the full 1600 even if he did not play just to be able to qualify for the raffle. 

Kudos should go to 
   Raffy and Glo Rodriguez, who facilitated the donation of P200,000 worth of Taylor Made golf equipment
   Bobby and Alma de la Cruz, who solicited P10000 each from Citibank Visa and Mastercard
   Rey and Mel Sangalang for the two tickets to a golfing tournament worth P2500 each
   Dado and Cory Hipolito for Gourmet's 10 P1000 gift certificates
   Terry and Marnie Malicse for the P20000 donation of Industrial and Technological Proponents, Inc.
   Lambert and Nona Tagayuma for generously donating P20000 through theircompany, Blue Star Construction and Development         Corporation
   Ven and Fely Brizuela for the Blue Pacific Beach Resort donation of P10000
   Gerry and Mila de Jesus, for the Super Kalan
   Jimmy and Jinky Lim, for the Stand Fan
   Henry and Lizzie Atayde for Freddie Atendido's donation of an oven toaster

Freddie Atendido is Henry's sparring partner in organizing golf tournaments.  His generous heart not only was contented with helping Henry organize the golf tournament, he even donated an oven toaster.

A funny thing happened when Bobby of Alma was awarded 2nd runner-up in the Class C division.  Jolan of Grace must have sensed something was amiss.  He insisted on looking at the score sheets.  Lo and behold, he was the deservingwinner of the 2nd runner-up Class C division.  Wasn't it providential thatthis was a tournament among friends.  Bobby showed his sportmanship by handingthe trophy to Jolan in a ceremonial way accompanied with picture taking.

The golf tournament was such a success that now objections to it as being elitist have finally been shelved.  Till the next tournament.

MAY 25, 2001
Chairman – Finance Committee

We trust that everything is well withyou and your community.  Our 25th Silver Anniversary is fast approaching;in fact, we have exactly six (6) months to go.
Here is an update on things that are happening as far as the Finance Committee is concerned.

a) The 25th Anniversary committee met yesterday and decided that we will accept registrations at P1,250 per couple only up to May 31.  Thereafter it will be P1,500 per coupleuntil the convention.

b) Based on our latest count, thenumber of registrants can be seen on the attached table.
This is still way below the projected 1,500 participants.  We are appealing toeveryone to advertise and encourage couples/priests/religions to registerand join us in Cebu.
c) We held the 1st Worldwide Marriage Encounter Golf Tournament last May 9 at the Sherwood Hills Golf Club.  We had 30 participants with lots of raffle prices and of course lots offun.  Through generous sponsors and donors, the movement will netabout P65,000 to P70,000.  We are sure the Cebu Golf Tournaments willdo better.

d) We need to work on the fund raisingthrough “donation”.  So far, we have only received P35,000 in donations. If you need help, clarification, letters, materials, etc. to get this methodof fund raising going, please call on us, at (02)826-8591; 810-0222; 848-2216or e-mail us at

Six (6) months does not give us toomuch time and there still is a lot to be done.  With prayers and hardwork we can motivate our individual communities to works towards our commongoal, the success of our 25th Anniversary.


The deadline for the discounted Registration Fee for out 25th Silver Celebration is fast approaching!!! After May 31,2001 all of us will be paying a bit more. Below is the schedule of discounts.
May 31, 2001
On site Registration

Registration fees inclusive of Friday night dinner, Saturday's lunch and dinner, and Sunday's lunch.
Fees are non-refundable. 
You may also write to or register by e-mail or clickhere  for your questions.

Please REMEMBER the dates! So you can CELEBRATE!
And BELIEVE that we really have a TERRY-FIC MOVEMENT (of course withMARNIE'S inspiration) Isn't that Great!!! BOY OH BOY! We both feel so excitedabout this, we can't wait till NOVEMBER! CEBU HERE WE COME!
by Oying & Ruth
      Max & Marlene

Click here to view WME ID/Discount Card

Dinno Paolo Fabian of Donnie & Josie Wins Logo Contest
Last August 12, 2000 a  panel of judges headed by Bobby& Alma, together with Onie and Susee  Calayan and Emy & Estherchose the winning entry for the 25th anniversary logo contest. Ajudged the best was the entry of Dinno Paolo Fabian, the eldest son of Mr. Donie & Josie Fabian. His entry bested 15 other entries from all over theWME Philippines zones.  Dinno is a very young and talented achitechtural graduate of  U.P. who is still single and presently working for aprivate firm.

His parents are very much involved in WWME activities, and Dinno himself is a graduate of WME's Choice and the Family Love Circle programs. The top prize will be awarded 5,000 pesos in cash.

The 2nd prize entry is from Frank and Grace Calmerin ofBacolod City. Winning the the 3rd top prize is the entry of Bob & Ica Jalandoni of Dumaguete.  Two consolation prizes went to the logo entries of Max & Marlene Lim from the North Zone and another entry of Bob & Ica Jalandoni.  The awarding of prizes and recognition will be given next year during the anniversary celebration.  All the other entries will be displayed at the 25th anniversary convention on November, 2001.


Hello there dear Lovers.  Areyou already aware that our WWME-
Philippines Silver Anniversary is forthcoming? 

Yes! our beloved apostolate willbe 25 years touching the lives of countless couples and their families.  It is going to be a momentous event next year,  November 16-19, 2001.

Join the bandwagon and don't beleft out.  It will be a once in a lifetime event. 

Alot of prepartion is going on rightnow, and the organizers wants you to join in.  In the coming months,couples from the organizing commitee will come and visit you, to drum upawareness from all of you couples who believe in the sacrament of matrimony and priesthood.

Stop whatever you are doing andbook this event in your calendarWe want as many couples as possible to attend this dream come true event.  Pre-registration going on.  See you so
e-mail us to register

Our Very Own WME Philippines ID/DiscountCard

Have you heardof that one yet?  It was launched last November 24, 2000 at the 24thanniversary celebration, as a means of raising funds and also to help couplesget discounts at leading commercial establishments, especially if you willbe buying an airline or shipping lines ticket in conjunction with our forthcomingSilver Anniversary celebration in Cebu.

Why not considerthis item as your gift for a love one, or for yourself?

Nakatulong nakayo, may discount pa kayo! 

I'm sure youwill make someone happy with this gift. Call Terry & Marnie now at844-5112.  The cost of the WWME ID/Discount card is P200.00 only.  That is the promo price, because after January 31, 2001, the regular price will be P250.00

For those inthe provinces, contact your Zone coordinators.  Order now, so we canship to you the cards in time for Valentine.

Silver Anniverasary Celebration Will be inCebu

Question; what is Cebu City notedfor?  Magellan's Cross, Sinulog, Mactan, its sea foods or the warmth and hospitality of its people on this central visayan island?  Allof this you will find out and a lot more when WWME Philippines' 25th Anniversary celebration will be held in CEBU.

Yes folks, there are treats waitingfor us in Cebu. That's the place to be come Nov 16 to 19, year 2001.

This is an opportunity for us tosee and visit this vibrant, colorful and historical city.  For thosewho already have established some contacts with friends and kins there, this is the best time to rekindle relationships. Since the event is still some 12 months away, we have plenty of time to prepare for it.

Any other reasons and benifits whywe are holding the Silver Anniversary celebration in Cebu? Yes, because Cebu is central  to most of the zones in Visayas, Mindanao and Luzon. Also, the particular site in Cebu that we have chosen for the conventionwill fit most of our needs. The place is the GRAND CONVENTION CENTER OFCEBU. It is strategically and conveniently located in downtown Cebu. Shoppingcenters like SM and Ayala Center and nearby big hotels like Waterfrontand many smaller hotels are within easy access.

The venue can handle 1,500 to 3,000people, and most of all, the place is being offered to us for FREE.

As cash strap as we are in our financesspecially at this time of great economic difficulties, the offer is tootempting to resist. Imagine, rental, airconditioining, sound system, thetables and chairs are all free for the entire celebration. The rental alonewill be a big saving for our movement. 

And what's the catch for all ofthis? All that we are asked to is to buy the lunch or dinner from them.  Isn't that great? Hosting can be handled by the Cebu couples and the rest can be accomodated on other retreat houses and pension houses in MetroCebu.

 Arrangements are being madeso that transportation by boat and plane fares will be cheap and affordable for WWME couples.

At the opening of the convention, participants will have a taste of the real SINOLUG ( Cebu), ATIATIHAN (Ilo-ilo), DINAGYANG.( Antique) and MASKARA ( Bacolod) festivals. Thereare also plans for a parade all over the city.

After the convention the delegatescan have a tour of Cebu's famous tourist spots.  A side trip can bearranged to Bohol to see the Chocolate Hills, the oldest church and theMuseum of Baclayon.  See the smallest monkey in the world, and lunch at Loboc
River or Bohol beach club and experiencethe many more internationally acclaimed tourist spots in Bohol .

Cebu is making plans to make thecelebration worth attending so that couples from Manila, Batangas, Mindoroand all the other satellite zones in Luzon will not regret coming. Of coursedelegates and guest from our neighboring Asian countries will be theretoo to celebrate with us. It will be worth remembering this milestone inour movement's history.  BE THERE!
Our Very Own WME Philippines ID/DiscountCard
(see facsimile on left side)



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