North Zone Reachout to Lucena City

The North Zone community had a very successful  reachout mission to Lucena.  Through the coordination of Onie & Susee Calayan, couples led by Jun & Flor Perea, and the National Ecclesial Couple of  Terry & Marnie Malicse, the group gave Parenting Enrichment 1 to the parents and teachers of the school, Calayan Educational Foundation Inc.  The Parenting enrichment 1 was held on July 16, 2000 at The Fresh Air Hotel in Lucena City.  Max & Marlene Lim, Donnie & Josie Fabian, Tony & Mely Quintos, Mulong & Narda Cabrerra, Raf & Glo, Mo & Mila Escano and Rene & Zeny were some of the couples who facilitated the enrichment.  There were about 50 participants in the enrichment.  The dream of our couples is that through this reachout we will be able to bring the message of  love to couples around Lucena and eventually bring the WME weekend to this lovely Southern Tagalog city.

Weekend: July 8,9, & 10, 2000

The recent weekend, held last July 8,9, & 10, 2000 had 7 couples join in the WME community.  The teams presenting were, Sam & Marin Uy, Fred & Bing Angeles, and Rey & Myrna Ortega.  The weekend was held at the Manresa Retreat House in Quezon City.

North Zone Weekend will be on July 7,8 & 9, 2000.  The previous weekend held at SacroCostato Retreat House had 5 couples.  Inspite of the low recruits for this weekend the teams and newly encountered couples were happy and fullfiled that they had the oppurtunity to experience the Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend experience and that they had a very enriching and meaningful relationship now.  The rookie renewal will be held on Sunday June 11, 2000 at Sangkalan Restaurant.  The North Zone community welcome the following couples into our community.

Deeper Weekend  May 26-28, 2000 for Manila

The Deeper weekend will be on May 26-28, 2000 for Manila.  This will be the third deeper weekend for WWME Philippines, through the non-tiring effort, of the National Coordinator of Terry & Marnie Malicse.

WME Team Convention 2000
A successful team convention was held last June 23, 24 & 25 at the CICM Retreat House in Antipolo. There  were  about 50 couples who attended the convention. It was a case of "no room at the inn" when couples had to share some of the rooms.  For many couples it was a case of "Down Memory Lane" as they recall their original weekend at the Mary Hill Retreat House. The convention proper featured Pol & Nena, Gerry & Mila, Terry & Marnie, Bing & Nina, Jolan & Grace, Rey & Mel, Dado & Cory, Nick & Nora, Kid & Tonia, and the team priest Fr. Boy, Greg, Rolly, Opet Danny and Fr. Mark Lesage.

Deeper Weekend in Dumaguete City
A deeper weekend is scheduled from August 11-13, 2000.  Edgar & Sonia Sarrosa, together with Fr. Boy Gomez have been blessed the task to conduct the deeper and more meaningful weekend in the team formation. The WME Philippines leadership wish to ask for your prayers for the success of this weekend.  For more information, please contact Andy and Nora Gregorio at (053) 225-1720

Manila South Community News
Manila South will have their weekend for the month of May from the 19th to the 21st 2000. It will be a joint weekend with the North zone.  The venue will be at Merciful Sisters Retreat House in Tagaytay
The South Zone has recently given an ANTIOCH Weekend, last May 6-7,2000 with 15 participants at the Southville International School, Paranaque.


Terry & Marnie led the group of Cebu WME leaders Vic & Nenet, Tito & Yena, Fr. Vic and Fr. Tito who made an audience with Cardinal Vidal last July 12, 2000 to apprise him of where the WME movement is now and where we are going.  His Eminence was also invited to be with the community on WME-Philippines' 25th anniversary celebration to be held on November 16-18, 2001.

Terry & Marnie Malicse, our energetic and hard working national coordinator, together with Fr. Boy will visit this weekend, from April 8 - 11, 2000 the Southern zones. They aim to drum up the Sunday couples, promote the DJ and living cells to our couples in the Visayan area.

The first stop of their working tour will be Iloilo for an enrichment with our loving community there. From there, their next stop will be in Antique to attend the leadership discernment. Then, they will visit the beautiful city of Dumaguete, for a meeting with the WWME community in preparation for a reachout activity.  Before heading back to Manila on Tuesday, they will reachout to Siquijor where there are 24 couples attending the weekend reachout. Let us support and include in our prayers the success of this working trip.

The next Deeper are scheduled on May 5-7, 2000 in Iloilo for the Visayas and Mindanao couples. Another Deeper weekend is scheduled on May 26-28, 2000 for Luzon Couples.  On August 11-13, 2000 a deeper weekend in Duamguete is also scheduled.

Silver Anniversary Commitee
The Convention Chair couple, Jolan & Grace Lumawig and other coordinators are now starting to meet and plan for the 25th Anniversary of the WWME Philippines.  Please send your suggestions on anything that you think will help this occasion more meaningful and memorable or e-mail here.  The Silver Anniversary celebration will start on November 16, 2001.

Wwe urge everybody to be one in our prayer as a community,  to  come to a halt  wherever we are and whatever  we are doing  at  6:00 PM everyday to pray , first for  our  country in this critical  time,  and second -  for  our leaders  and third   for  our  movement  and  for the success of  the Silver Anniversary  which we  are celebrating this year.

The WME North Zone  Reachout ministry will be giving the CHOICE program to about 60 young students of the  Calayan Foundation School of  Lucena City in Quezon province.

The weekend will be on February 2-4, 2001. The lead couple for the Choice will Fred & Bing Angeles. Then on Sunday morning, Feb. 4, the parents of the youth attending the Choice program will also have their "Enrichment for Parents" activity. This presentation is very ideal as both parent and students will have a simultaneous enrichment and will no doubt be very effective and beneficial for the parent-child relationship.

Then on Feb. 11, 2001 there will be Reachout Parenting program again at the College of the Holy Spirit. Donie & Josie Fabian will be the lead couple.

The Good News
(Cebu  Sept. 22-24, 2000)

The VISMIN convention was a  rousing success.. with 67 couples and priests ( 5 priests) held at Talavera House of Prayer , Pardo Cebu. It  was particpated by 5 couples from Manila, 11 couples  from Iloilo, 10.5 couples from Bacolod and 9 couples from Dumaguete. There were 2 couples  from  Cagayan de Oro, and the rest from Cebu.

Pol and Nena gave a talk on THE CALL and THE CHURCH which was  so beautiful, so meaningful and made many couples realize how we as couples, as teams, as  a WMEcommunity are called.  The presentations were  fantastic and gave down to earth sharing and so focused.

The talk on Challenge, by a widow and widower ( Pilar of June from Cagayan de Oro and Rudy of More from Dumaguete) really touched the hearts of many couples.  They shared their experience on the pain of separation by death from their spouse.  The message they want herald to all couples who are still lucky to have their beloved partner by their side is,  " We have experience the pain of separation by death, and while you still have your spouse with you.... please love them".

There was also a talk on Daring the Dream, with a video  presentation, organized  by Oying & Ruth. The presentation showed the extent of our dream ... to heal this world.

The entire convention was worth attending, so meaningful and enjoyable. It started with an improved version of the plane METPAHOR, all laced up with suspense and drama.  The talks were serious yet alive, and it climaxed with a challenge to all the couples to continue their dreams.

It was a fruit of love from all the couples and priests who shared themselves from the bottom of their hearts, and the Cebu Community who hosted the convention. Terry and Marnie Malicse wishes to thank all the participants who took the responsibility of making the convention worthwhile, meaningful and enjoyable.

While we have given this opportunity to have the teams get together in this Team Convention, next year's plan is to have a Community WME Convention -particiapted by all the Sunday Night Couples and priests, by zones  or group of zones. The goal is to attract more awareness for the 25th Anniversary Celebration on Nov. 16-18, 2001.
The National Eclesial Team is hopeful that by next year there will be a Convention for Priests and Religious, and added that, "While we were full of  joy seeing the team couples so happy in bringing home the hope and dream - of  their community,  we really missed those who failed to attend the convention in Manila and in the Vismin."

By Onie & Susee Calayan

Dearest Couples of WME,

If you still remember, the lunar module on which NASA's Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin rode was named Eagle when it landed on the moon in 1969. At touchdown, Armstrong said "Mission control, the Eagle has landed."

I was only 10 years old then but hair from the back of my neck all stood on their ends. This was it, I told myself, the beginning of a new era, a new age. Yesterday, Sunday, July 16, 2000, once again, hair on the back of my neck stood at attention as the Reachout Ministry teams led by Tony & Mely gave their inspired talks. I could feel electricity in the air as upon the conclusion of the couples' talks, the parents shared their impressions, their prejudices and their appreciation for the couples and the WME as a whole. As the parents made their way home, I thought, "all in a day's work" and that day has ended.

The WME couples, Terry & Marnie, Jun & Flor, Max & Marlene, Donnie & Josie, Tony & Mely, Mulong & Narda, Raf & Glo, Mo & Mila and Rene & Zeny, bade farewell at around 5:30 PM although Terry and Marnie were left behind for a while and left at 7:00.

Almost at the instant that Terry & Marnie left, my heart started to sink. Everything that transpired on Saturday, July 15, when Jolan & Grace with Terry & Marnie had an audience with Bishop Ruben Profugo and the reachout were being replayed in my mind.  Two weeks before the parenting reachout, the struggle that shook my marriage  was also playing in the background. After all, if Susee and I weren't able to sort things out, the parenting reachout and the meeting with the bishop would have been a farce. It surely does not feel good to have a letdown after those two days of God's bountiful blessings. And I was having one of those letdowns right then and there.

That night, heading for the bed seemed to be a huge consolation. Susee wrote me a very touching letter. But sleep was elusive, till I heard a voice telling me "Feed my sheep...." I was sure, it was not a movie showing on TV. No couples were around and Susee fell asleep the moment her head touched the pillow. By instinct, I started murmuring Psalm 23. "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want....He leads me beside the still waters, He restores my soul..." I felt His message. I know that the path he is showing me now is strewn with immense responsibility and sacrifice. Again I stuttered, "If this cup may pass away from me..." and words still fumbled on my lips, "Thy will be done."

I awoke this morning at around 6, still contemplating on the previous events and the task that is being laid before me. Suddenly, I felt warm and cozy. I remembered that I still had you, my friends, to give solace, support, wisdom, experiences, hugs and kisses. Susee and I will never be alone in this journey. The love and fellowship we both feel just being near all of you is the driving force that spurs the need for them to be shared with other couples of Lucena City. Great as resistance will be to this endeavor, the examples you have shown us make for an indelible blueprint  that we, as couple, merely have to follow to achieve success. And my, what a success this would be!

From on top of the world and from the bottom of our hearts,

Thank you.

Onie of Susee

Pls. pray for the mother of Msgr. Rolly for a successful operation and speedy recovery. She will undergo brain surgery Dec. 5, 2000 at Medical City. Pls. pass to other couples in your community.

Rey & Myrna Ortega are Appointed to Coordinate Our Journey's Journal
Rey and Myrna Ortega are the new editors/coordinator for the North Zone's newsletter.  The WME North Zone newsprint is aptly called Our Journey's Journal. The banner name is the brainchild of North Zone's beneficent couple, Ben & Cynch Vitan. The newsletter contains the latest and relevant news about the North Zone's activities. Those who want to have copies or subscribe for the coming issues may contact Rey & Myrna at  (02) 635-6056 up to 57

North Zone News
The November weekend schedule will be on Nov. 10, 11, & 12, 2000. It will be a Tagalog Weekend. The venue will be at the Manresa Retreat House in Banaue, Quezon City.

The recent weekend, held last July 8,9, & 10, 2000 had 7 couples join in the WME community.  The teams presenting were, Sam & Marin Uy, Fred & Bing Angeles, and Rey & Myrna Ortega.  The weekend was held at the Manresa Retreat House in Quezon City.

Terry & Marnie and Fr. Boy Goes to Bali

WME Philippines' National Ecclesial Team of Terry & Marnie Malicse and Fr. Boy flew in to Bali, Indonesia last Sunday to attend the annual Asian Conference.  Joining them are Bing & Nina Arce from the North Zone, Ed & Sonia Serrosa from Bacolod and Bong & Pearl from  Iloilo.  The conference will start on August 21 and last up to Saturday, August 26, 2000.

 Ditoy & Cora Atayde and Fr. Kim, the present Asian Coordinator, will also be on hand to represent the whole of the Asian Zone.  The asian countries participating the conference are Japan, Korea, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

This years meeting will be highlighted by the discernment of the next Asian Coordinator.  Before leaving for Bali, Terry and Marnie and Fr. Boy  gave an enrichment to the North Zone community at Bahay Pangarap entitled "Intimate Dialogue with God".  The topic focused on couples' prayer life. They are requesting everyone in the community to pray for the success of this years conference and also for the discerment proccess.

With the dramatic events of People Power II just a week old, the WMENorth Zone love community witnessed another heart-tugging event much closer to home this time:  the passing-on of the torch of leadership fromerstwhile Zone Coordinator Jolan and Grace to the new Zone CoordinatorBing and Nina. The passing-on ceremony, incorporated within a Holy Masscelebrated by Fr. Greg, was held at the Bahay-Pangarap on January 27th.

WME Philippines would like to send its condolence and prayers for the pasing away of the mother of North Zone's  Mely of Tony Quintos from Kamuning, QC

The entire WWME- Philippines community mourns the passing away of the mother of Fr. Dave Clay.  We are requesting for your prayers.

Special Korean WME Weekend in the PhilippinesOct., 27, 28, & 29, 2000

A Special WME Weekendin the Philippines

Last Oct. 27-28,2000 the expatriate communityof Koreans in Metro Manila held a special WME weekend at the Betania RetreatHouse in Tagaytay.  A team from Korea flew in to Manila to give theweekend led by Fr. Kim.  There were 24 couples who took the weekend.  The hosting was handled by WME South and coordinated by Emy & EsterTagunicar.  Fr. Lee a Korean priest also was actively involved inthe successful weekend.  Though the weather was very bad, becauseof the near zero visibility caused by the fog the "Salubong" on Sundaywas very well attended by about 50 SNCs from the Korean, North Zone, &South Zone communities.  The Korean teams and participants were sooverwhelmed by the hospitality and support shown by the Filipino community,that there were some emotional moments during the Salubong.


Last Sunday could have just been another lethargic afternoon for a siesta. But October 7, 2001 was an exception, as about 80 WME lovers from Manila North Zone, mostly wearing the Kita-Kits tayo sa Cebu T-shirt, trooped to Christ the King Church along E. Rodriguez Blvd. to have its first ever motorcade.

Organized by the marketing group led by Sam & Marin Uy, the couples and their families begun the afternoon with a mass. Fr. Vic celebrated the mass, with Fr. Togs also giving the blessing during the mass.

But the excitement really begun when the 25 or so cars, vans, pickups and SUVs, decked with red & yellow balloons and bannering the new Bill & Dindin WME posters, went around the primary thoroughfares of Metro Manila.  Honking and tooting in the caravan, and escorted by policemen from the TMG, (Traffic Management Group),  I came to understand and feel how our government officials enjoy the perks of breezing through the traffic unmindful of the others and the traffic signals.

We really felt being in the center of attraction as we waved and beamed on the smiling pedestrians, children and people along the routes. The motorcade sped through Quezon City, San Juan, Makati, Sta. Ana, Mandaluyong and Sampaloc, Manila in just over an hour. In one of the routes in Manila we passed by an ESLA outlet (one of Jimmy & Jinky's branch store), displaying our poster and our enthusiasm and eagerness became more as we waved and shouted animatedly.

Everybody was thrilled as Oying of Ruth took video clips of the caravan, and Gilbert of Karen boldly took charge of the route in his flashing light-blue Revo with a "wang-wang" blaring all the way.

The motorcade finally wind up at the Manresa Retreat House with a sumptuous mid-afternoon snack and in time for the weekend Salubong.

The excitement of the motorcade was really a euphoric experience and I hope the other zones will also organize a motorcade to promote our movement and our anniversary. As far as I know, Bacolod has done this propaganda as well. You should give it a try, but I am warning you, it could be habit forming and tempting to go through all the red lights after the motorcade experience.

Thank you to all those who supported our motorcade, specially to Ven & Fely who made all the effort to get us the best police escorts.

Dear Lovers,

We welcome the Year 2001 with so much excitement and anticipationin view of the 25th Anniversary of the Worldwide Marriage Encounter inthe Philippines.

 Our theme for the celebration is WE REMEMBER, WECELEBRATE, WE BELIEVE!

 The celebration will be an opportunity for us to REJOICE in the present, as we REMINISCE the past with thanksgiving in ourhearts and LOOK FORWARD to the future with renewed vigor, commitment and dedication to change the world and renew the Church.

By Kenneth & Eunice Garcia

So they say that it was fun. Was it? Did they really enjoy it?  Well, I think so.
It was a rainy  morning, on August 5, 2001, when the Manila-North and Manila-South Zones of WME Phils gathered for the First Bowling Fun Day at  he Green  Valley Bowling Center. Asearly as 9 in the morning,
organizing couples arrived at the place and converted the center into a momentous site.  To amaze enthusiastic couples as they step through the doorway,  the Silver  Jubilee logo was hanged and served as backdrop for
 the  registration desk. In the center of the bowling alley, there hanged a 40-ft. streamer (complementary of the hosting couple Jimmy & Jinky Lim) welcoming everyone to the historic event.

One by one, couples from the North and South started arriving shortly before 10AM. Participants registered and were given the complimentary WME Silver Jubilee t-shirts plus neon-colored stickers to identify the teams. Although the registration fee included the rental for a pair of bowling shoes and a ball, couples from the South came prepared with their own sets of effects. Because of this,  the northern couples were astonished, yet not scared and were even more challenged to overcome inhibitions and self-doubt.

 At about half past 10, there were 3 teams from the South and 5 teams from the North and  the game rolled on. The South Zone teams, namely the  "Heavy  Weights"; the "Morning Glory" and the "A-South", were spearheaded
 by Dado and Cory Hipolito and Rey & Mel Sangalan. On the other hand, the ably North  Zone teams, lead by  Jimmy of Jinky, were composed of the "Bogg-Lees", the "Eroticas", the "Bowl Jobs", "Init" and the "Suportahan
 Ta Ka". From the practice shots up to the last game, everyone was  laughing and heckling  with each other as the team names were announced  through  the p.a. system from time to time. (This goes to show what runs through the minds of the group.)

With the excitement and the thrill that you can see in the faces of the players, supposed spectators like Mo of Mila Escano and Bing of Nina Arce were not able to resist and decided to play even with an arthritis and a zero-experience in bowling, respectively. As the game  became more  interesting and challenging, Cynch of Ben Vitan phoned-in more bowlers  and another  north  team  was formed.  The late comers, James and Josie  Ulilang, Jolan of Grace Lumauig and John of Nini Falcon composed the last  team called "Jaja Cool".  In the absence of another team to match up with  them, they had two lanes for themselves and played among each other.

After  the 3 game elimination round, the Bowl-Jobs (1,626 pts.) and Suportahan Taka (1,602  pts.) teams emerged as the top contenders from the North Zone. They were
 matched with the South Zone's Heavy Weights (1,727 pts.) and the Morning  Glory (1,709  pts.). For the championship, a single knock-out game was  played by these 4 teams and the team with highest pin-falls proclaimed the CHAMPION.

The energy and enthusiasm of the participants and spectators were still  high even up to about past 3 in the afternoon. This was because the  championship game, frame after frame, was an even match among the top
 four teams. Everyone was cheering and chanting for their favored team up to the point when everyone was on his feet waiting for the last and final frame.

Finally, all eyes were set on lane 13 -14 where the Heavy Weights vs.  Suportahan Taka showdown was slated. From a come from behind heroics of  Jimmy Lim's Supportahan Ta Ka Team, South Zone's lead was narrowed down to a  few pins at the end frame. The last player of the South, Nano Quintos, needed only  to  hit  9 pins on his last ball to get the championship trophy which by the way is a work of love).  However, as lady luck favored the North Team  for that moment, Nano hit only seven pins on his last shot. And all of a  sudden, everyone became even  more desirous and over excited about the game. The place was full of laughter and cheers as some were even dancing for joy. The Suportahan Taka team of the North Zone has only one ball  left and Max of Marlene Lim needed at least 9 pins to equalize the
 game or a strike to beat South Zone's 563 points. As Max picked up his ball, stepped into the lane, prepared  for the approach, there was  suspended silence and each one held their breath for a few seconds. Fully concentrating on the  shot, Max gave his best with a steadfast form. And suddenly, lady luck  changed her mind and shifted back to the South. Max hit only 5 pins,  hence, the South team grabbed the memento.

Even  though the last shot of Max was not good enough to win the game, he  was still the recipient of the "High Series  Award  - Male".  Suportahan  Taka came up second with its member, Jimmy of Jinky winning
 the "High Single Game  Award  - Male" with a score of 211. Likewise, Jimmy  Lim, together with Max Lim, Ed Pan, Bobby Salazar and Fely Birzuela, also  won special awards for their turkeys.  For the female categories, Mila of
  Boy  Ozarraga  cornered both  the "High Single Game" and "High Series"-Ladies awards. Lastly, for being determined, courageous and a supportive team
 member, the  "N.I. Award" (needs improvement) was given to Bing of Nina  for hitting the all-time low of 60.

Overall, although the South Zone was able  to get the championship and the impressive crystals, the North Zone  got most of the special awards and brought home most of the 2 cases of  French wine.

Truly,  the  day was full of excitement and fun-filled. I am sure the 20  couples  from  the North Zone and the 8 couples from the South who graced  the  event have enriched their relationship, in one way or another, after
spending a whole day with a community of lovers. But to top it all, I  find  the activity indeed worthwhile and valuable, even if we were not  able to raise fund for the movement  (which  by the way was also an objective of  the affair), because I've learned and got to know more the
community where I belong to and, the funny thing is, I am having fun  being with wacky people like you.
 At  any  rate, I would like to thank all the couples who have contributed  to the success of the tournament.  I know it would not have been possible  without  the full  support  of Jimmy and Jinky for hosting the event and
providing  the streamer; of Dado and Cory for rounding up the South teams  and  providing the certificates; of Ben & Cynch for taking care of the  registration;  and to the 36 active players who have manifested once more
their commitment to our community and  displayed  the true spirit of  sportsmanship. But most of all, I would like to thank my wife, Eunice,  for being supportive and sympathetic in every step of the way as I  prepared for the event. Again, thank you very much.

DJ group in Greater Los Angeles Links with North Zone Coordinator

Bing & Nina Arce the North Zone's coordinator, while on a visit to North America shared themselves with the LC/DJ group of Greater LA. The group is composed of 6 sweet and lovable couples namely Enjie & Edna, Dave & Mila, Roland & Dida, Jun & Marivic, Steve & Christine and Mon & Bee who wrote in to send in their gratitude for the visit . Mon & Bee says, " We were deeply touched by their openness and their total commitment to our ministry.  This is a couple that is very easy to love.  We hope we can experience them again in the future. "


Our celebration of the 25 years of the presence of Worldwide MarriageEncounter in the Philippines can only be meaningful and fruitful if wenow begin to prepare for it in our respective zones and satellites.  On November 16-18, 2001 let us all come together at the Cebu ConventionCenter, Cebu City, to proclaim God’s presence, love and power in our livesand in the world.

 Let us pray for the success of the celebration. Wherever wemay be and whatever we are doing, from now on let us pause at 6:00 P.M. everyday and say a prayer, individually or in groups. Let us pray for more love and peace to happen in the lives of couples and priests, in the Movement, in the Church, in our country, and in the world.

 May God bless us all and may our Blessed Mother accompany usalways in our journey towards love and intimacy!

We love you,

Terry & Marnie Malicse and Fr. Boy Gomez
National Ecclesial Team

A Letter of Appeal -An ErnestRequest for Prayer
To All WWME  Coordinators,

Please  pass it on to all  membersof  the WME   that we urge everybody
to be one in our prayer as a community,  to  come to a halt  wherever we
are and whatever  we are doing  at  6:00 PM everyday to pray , first
for  our  country in this critical  time,  and second -  for  our
leaders  and third   for  our  movement  and  for the success of  the
Silver Anniversary  which we  arecelebrating this year. Please pass
this on.. to all our members.

We are making 6:00 PM everyday as our  prayer time for  all WME  for
our intentions,  for our family, and for our community.

Terry & Marnie & Fr.Boy

24th Anniversary Celebration

This year's theme is very relevant in today'sissues when we are so occupied with coping with the Modern World.- "Let'sMake Every Moment Count"
Well, the theme is not about an accounting anomaly being investigated by the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee but a vivid and worthwhile moments that WME couples have (spent/underspent) with their love ones.

Last Saturday, Nov 25, 2000 through the hardwork of Terry & Marnie, Bing & Nina and a whole bunch of die hardME couples, the moment to count continues.

The crew they brought in to make each momentcount were Kid & Tonia who talked about the past regrets of making moments count. This was followed by a very young & upcoming ME couple, Ken & Eunice Garcia, who talked on "Fear of the Future"  Theyshared on things that husbands & wives fear that keep one another fromliving for the moment.

Then the main highlight of the half day enrichmentwas an import straight from Cagayan de Oro, Pilar Calubiran. She is thewidow of.Jun from WME Cagayan de Oro. She narrated emotional and intimatemoments with her husband while still with her.

I surmise that the grief of loosing a lovedone must be undescribable that nobody can truly feel the pain.... nobody,even how prepared one may be talking about separation by death, can feelthe pain and sorrow of a sudden lost of a spouse not until one has experience it him or herself.

She recounts the moments of being alone, thenfinding hope and support from former WME friends.  She had some disillusionmenttoo with some other (people/couples) who made her feel an outsider forshe no longer have a spouse so to speak, to belong to her former community.She shared her struggles to survive and support her family financially and morally now that she's alone.

Because of her talk,  WME, through Terry& Marnie will start a program for Widows/widowers, which will be called,"The New Beginning".

Do you know Jimmy and Jinky Lim?  Probablynot so much.  But after they shared their world apart differences, and yet still remained true and loving to each other, they could be thenext Ditoy-Cora of ME. I hope Jimmy & Jinky, you wouldn't mind thecomparison, it is only because they are popular and well loved by the community.

By the way, after each talk, a song is played special for the topics and Jimmy & Jinky's theme " I Hate Youthen I Love You" by Celine Dion and Luciano Pavarotti, has been aptly chosenfor them.

The last, but certainly not the least, (asthe cliche goes), presentors were our ex-National Couple, now ordinary couple Rey & Mel. They still have the magic that could mesmerize everyone with their coupleness.  They shared on what one will remember of him or herself. It is a soul searching question, whether we have shone ourlight and impart wonderful memories to our spouse, to our family and toour community, just as Jesus has tasked us to do.

The meeting was set to open at 1PM but thesudden downpour must have caused the traffic to slow down and couples foundan excuse for arriving late.

But there were early arrivals. Couples andpriest from Batangas led by Nick & Nora and Msgr. Rollie Castillo arriveda little after 1PM. The group from Carmona arrived even much earlier. Hmmmm,maybe I should find a better excuse next time.

Msgr. Rollie, Fr. Greg, Fr. Opet, and Fr. Boyled the Anniversary mass celebration which started at 7PM.  Then dinner,"balot-balot" sa dahon or balot-balot sa styrofoam was serve after themass.

Many couples and some DJs brought prizes forthe raffles. Congratulations to the many winners drawn in between the programs.The grand prize, a heavy duty electric fan was taken home by Ver &Jet from Tarlac.

The launching of the 25th Anniversary Celebration,which will be held in Cebu next year, was starred by no other than WME'sgrand star performer, Henry of Lizzie.  This time around he portrayedhimself as the very popular and charismatic Bro. Mike, complete with hisloud and colorful suit and bow tie, his gait on stage punctuated with shoutsof Amen! ...Amen! (Pero sa totoo, hiram lang ang amercana niya at walangpera ang WME para sa props and costumes.)

A fully computerized video-audio presentation was done to promote our 25th Anniversary.

The promo for the 25th anniversary launchingfeatured a WME ID card and at the same time a discount card,  Cardholders can avail of discounts to be given by airlines & shipping linesand other reputable establishments and companies offering their quality products and services.

Hurry and get your discount cards. P250 foreach card at the regular price, but if you buy now and be one of the first300, you only pay at a premium of P200. Ano fang hinihintay ninyo, magdumaliii! Baka maubos na. Contact Terry & Marnie at 844-5112

The WME is ever thankful to Ven and Fely forarranging the use of the Multi purpose Hall in Camp Crame, to Ben &Cynch and their staff for the sound system, and to Oying & Ruth forthe video production. Much credit also goes to Buddy & Maya who lend us a prisma of hi-tech gadgets for the grand launching of our 25th Anniversary, and of course to Pol & Nena for the enrichment talks. Isang bagsakpara sa kanilang lahat. Terry and Marie would also like to thank all thecoordinators, Jolan & Grace, Oca & Lily and Nick & Nora fortheir support. A lot of thanks to all the generous couples who broughtin the prizes for the raffle. The Lord knows who you are. I am sure everyonewent home a winner, happy and fulfilled.

North ZoneDeeper Weekend Sucessful. Held last July 27-28, 2001 at St. Camilus Retreat House in Loyola Heights QC.

Deeper Weekend successfully held last July 26-27, 2001. It was held at the St. Camillus Retreat Center in Loyola Heights, QC. The pre-teams are

The weekend was conducted by Bobby & Alma and Fr. Greg. Tony & Mely, Roland & Remy, Rando & Vivien and Oca & Lily are the ones in charge in the formation of the teams. Supportahan natin ang ating pre-teams, at supportahan taka!

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