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Ed & Sonia Sarrosa from Bacolod zone is requesting to include in your prayers their first WME activity for the year 2002. They will be having a CHOICE weekend on Friday, January 11-13, 2002. The CHOICE will be for the 45 young Sacred Heart seminarians. Your prayers will count a lot for these future priests and church leaders. CALL A FRIEND and ask them to pray likewise for this important candidates for priesthood of the Choice weekend, and you get your million reward (blessings) from heaven.

Bacolod also held their 1st zone board meeting last Sunday, January 7, 2001 where they set their goals and plan of action for the current year.

Burning News from Bacolod
by Ed & Sonia (June 15, 2001)

Here's something hot from the wires of Bacolod.  I received this news just a few hours ago from Edgar & Sonia and I am excited to tell you that they are having a weekend this Friday. They have 11 couples for the weekend. WME Bacolod is happy to announce that they are having a rookie presentor in the persons of Jun & Darlyn. They took the deeper last May 2000 in Iloilo. Dammy & Marilyn Pison are the admins. Ed-Son are requesting for you to remember them and all the participants in their on going weekend in your prayers.

Bacolod has also started to give out the modules to drum up awareness and enthusiasm for our forth coming Silver Jubilee celebration in Cebu. Below is the activity that Ed & Sonia wrote in about those enrichments.

Boy & Ching Calsena gave the 1st module here in Bacolod. It was attended by only l2 couples. There are plans to repeat the module for all those who were not able to attend.

Edgar & Bebing Sarrosa went to Cebu last June 9 to facilitate the 1st module since the Cebu couples arrived after lunch in Dumaguete & missed the 1st module.  It was very well attended with about 100 pax including Choice graduates & children of some couples. It  was a good idea inviting the young adults.
Module 1 was well accepted that titillated their enthusiasm. Intro pa lang couples were already moved/touched as evidenced by the tears they shed.  After the session, they were already asking when will the next module be.

Benny & Vilma distributed the schedule of the rest of  the modules & the WME Cebu activities. This is a good idea which we in 
Bacolod will follow. What we have is also a complete schedule from now till Dec., but we did not organize it in paper as well as they did. So while we gifted Cebu with our presence they gifted us with their idea & the tremendous warmth & energy that we received.

Those who wish to contact Bacolod may write to Ed & Sonia at

WME Bacolod Zone has arranged for a discount with two hotels to grant major discounts upon presentation of WME Membership Card as

  SUGARLAND HOTEL 30% of normal rate and 5% of all food and beverages upon presentation of WME ID card. 

CASINO  FILIPINO HOTEL  P 1,200 for single or double occuppancy  for all all card bearing
       members of WME..
  Other special privileges are:
          * complementary breakfast
          * Free airport/Seaport transport
          * Free use of swimming pool
          *  Free entrance to all Casino Gaming areas
         * Bonus Bet coupon worth P 200.00


Hello there dear Lovers. Are you already aware that our WWME-Philippines Silver Anniversary is forthcoming? 
Yes! our beloved apostolate will be 25 years touching the lives ofcountless couples and thier families. 
It is going to be a momentous event next year, November 16-19, 2001.

Join the bandwagon and don't be left out.  It will be a once ina lifetime event. 

Alot of prepartion is going on right now, and the organizers wants youto join in. In the coming months
couples from the organizing commitee will come and visit you, to drumup awareness from all of you couples who believe in the sacrament of matrimonyand priesthood. 

Stop whatever you are doing and book this eventin your calendar.
We want as many couples as possible to attend this dream come trueevent. See you soon.


Free and easy!! Join the wmephils e-mail listing .
By joining, you will be able to exchange messages with other group members. eGroups also makes it easy to store
photos and files, coordinate events and more. To subscribe to our e-mail listing, send an e-mail to ane-mail will be sent back to you and you just reply to! You becomea
member automatically... 
Let's do it!

For the weekends, please contact Edgar & Sonia Sarrosa at (034) 034-441;  (034) 034-1104;  (034) 034-1105 or e-mail at


May 21, 2000. The beautiful and loving WME couples of Bacolod awed the City of Talisay with their colorful and vibrant parade for their 21st Anniversary celebration.  Bright red, glittering gold, and satin white balloons and WME posters decked the 28 cars that cruised the mainavenues of the city before heading to Nature's Village Resort where themain celebration was held.

Registration started at 2 PM.  A total of 48 couples, 11 Choice graduates, 107 guests and families & kins graced the occassion. A get to know game among the encountered couples followed right after the color coded registration.

A celebration mass led by Fr. Gigie Caraig and the WME couples started at 3 PM.  Edgar & Bebing Sarrosa , the BacolodZone Coordinator welcomed everybody with a short but rousing speech. Of course, the celebration wouldn't be complete without the food and snackshared by the whole community while, the Manubo-Bukidnon Children's Choirprovided some entertainment in between.

Games!  Yes, and a lot more games filled the afternoon with fun.
...and the winners are...

The way Bacolod celebrated their anniversary, it seems everybody went home a winner.  Special prizes were given to the couple who arrived the earliest for the motorcade and for the very first coupleto register.  The weekend with the most number couples present, andthe color with the most number of couples got their share of prizes aswell.  The two-generation encountered couples category produced 4winners. (These are parent-couples whose kids experienced the weekend aswell.)

Vic & Charit Fernandez with daughter Irene & husband Tonypet Yulo
Lucing & Timay Pidiongco with daughter Pam &husband Itik
Reming & Mansing Javellana with son Boy & wifeSterling
Edgar & Bebing Sarrosa with son & GJ & wifeLulu

The awarding for the bowling tournament was led by Roy & Denden Paragat and to remember the festivity and celebration on film, Dammy & Marilyn Pison took care of the photo session.

Amid the euphoria of the celebration, Edgar & Bebing drumed up everybody to recruit more couples to our fold, through the letter of inspiration and dream of our National Coordinator Terry & MarnieMalicse.

The closing ceremony ended at 6 PM with one of the community's favorite song,"There 's A New World".

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