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King & Queen 2003, the traditional fund raising for a cause and a post valentines activities of Cagayan de Oro-Iligan Community held last February 22, 2003 in GAD Hall, PPA, Cagayan de Oro was successful with the full support of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan couples.  It generated funds good for one weekend.  The throne was turned over by King & Queen 2002 Coyong & Liza Ma of Jasaan, Misamis Oriental to Bert & Inday Suzon of Iligan City who was crowned as the King & Queen 2003.  The throne was brought to Iligan community for the first time. 


· Vic & Nenet Ladiona, Ed & Nitz Dangazo, Bong & Inday Sungcad, Gerry & Ludie Abadies and Divine & Nenet Soldevilla attended Seminar on Modern parenting (Growing As parents) in Cebu City last March 1-2, 2003 which was hosted by WME Cebu.

· Cagayan de Oro couples gave a despidida party to Fr. Ed Aguero held last March 23, 2003 in NFA Beach Resort in Baloy, Cagayan de Oro.  The occasion was full of emotion especially when Fr. Ed shared his Joy while working with the WME community and saying goodbye.  The Couples gave him a banner with dedication as a remembrance and how the community love Fr. Ed.

· Revival Choice weekend was held last May 9-11, 2003 at Listonnac Youth Formation Center in Tibasak, Macasandig, Cagayan de Oro with 17 young adult participants coming from Iligan and Cagayan de Oro. The said Choice weekend was facilitated by Mon & Julie and young adults Jokit and Niña Eronico from Cebu and couples from Cagayan de Oro. New Choice Young Adult coordinator of Cagayan de Oro is Sheila L. Dangazo, daughter of Ed & Nitz and Iligan Choice Young Adult Coordinator is Gilbert Lacida.

Cagayan De Oro Now A Zone


Cagayan de Oro-Iligan Community has recently been granted by the National Board a status of a Zone, and now for the first time in Cagayan de Oro and probably also first Mindanaoan, our community produces a full pledge admin couple who is really from Cagayan de Oro.  Ed & Nitz Dangazo experienced their rookie as admin (new mentality) last weekend in May 16-18, 2003 at Covadonga Formation Center in Aloba, Macasandig, Cagayan de Oro City. Thanks to Sal & Cel Bolongan, Cebu Admin Couple for sharing their time in work-shopping Ed & Nitz new mentality talks.  And of course, to our Admin couple Vic & Nenet Ladiona now in Cagayan de Oro for their inspiration and shepherding of Ed & Nitz.  And also Thanks to Cebu Community with the Leadership of Tots & Mayet for inviting Ed & Nitz together with Vic & Nenet in welcoming them last June 29, 2003 in Mabolo Parish in Cebu as new additional Admin and for writing the new admin mentality talks respectively. The joint simple occasion and Team meeting was highlighted by the inspiring enrichment facilitated by Sal & Cel Bolongan.  The said occasion was inspired with the presence of Msgr. Romel of Mabolo Parish.  Ed & Nitz also expresses their heartfelt thanks to Paul & Medy Jiao who hosted them a breakfast with matching inputs and a ride to the venue and Romy & Tessie Lim for snacks in Cebu SM mall with a free ride to Cebu Pier. 


Although we feel sad for the transfer of our Team Priest Fr. Ed Aguero in Manila, who is now in Vatican for further studies, God is so merciful of how we feel as a community, thus He gave us Fr. Rino a replacement of Fr. Ed, who is also a Team Priest in Argentina.  We feel happy because Fr. Rino is supportive with WME, in fact he officiated the mass during our Choice Weekend held in Listonnac Youth Formation Center in Tibasak, Cagayan de Oro City last May 9-11, 2003.


We feel sad by the sudden transfer to Bacolod of Boy & Nina Bering-Iligan Coordinating Couple.  Boy & Nina has done greatly in shepherding the Iligan Couples.  As we have said, God is so merciful.  Again He gave us Gomer & Leclec Hamak, the New Coordinating Couple of Iligan who has been discerned by Iligan couples last June 22, 2003 and facilitated by Vic & Nenet Ladiona with the full support of Ed & Nitz Dangazo and Gerry & Ludie Abadies.  Congratulations to Gomer & Leclec!!! 


Iligan Community celebrates its 15 years in Marriage Encounter last February 22, 2003 held in one of the beaches in Iligan City owned by a WME Iligan couple.  The occasion was highlighted by a mass.  The couples were recharge by the enrichment facilitated by Vic & Nenet Ladiona.  The said occasion was well attended by the Iligan couples.  Some Cagayan de Oro couples were also present during the said occasion. With the leadership of Boy & Nina Bering the celebration was successful.


Weekends Unstoppable!!!
All articles written by Ed & Nitz Danganzo

 Before, WME Cagayan de Oro-Iligan was hungry of having weekends. We may have held a weekend once a year or twice but Tsamba lang becauseof hesitation of the archbishop, lack of funds and presenting teams, whichwere among our nightmares. Today not anymore, God has blessed us with courageand commitment through our couple relationship that overwhelm those nightmares.  God has sent us Admin Vic & Nenet Ladiona and additional 1st settersBong & Inday Sungcad and Boy & Nena Bering, all coming from Cebuto add our present teams Ed & Nitz Dangazo (1st  & 2nd setter),Gerry & Ludie Abadies (1st setter) and Team Priest, Fr. Ed Aguero.Thank God, we have a complete set of presenting teams. Weekend is unstoppable!!!Ourdream of becoming a zone may soon come to a reality. 
For six (6) months period (January-June 2002), we have done three (3)weekends already. January 25-27 in Cagayan de Oro, attended by 15 couples;April 12-14 in Iligan City, attended by 11 couples and on April 26-28 inCagayan de Oro which was attended by 6 couples.  Our community ispreparing for more weekends. 

Deeper Weekend to Accelerate More Teams!
One big event just happened in Cagayan de Oro-Iligan Community. We were so blessed that a Deeper Weekend was conducted in our place. Itwas attended by 18 couples and a priest to become our future teams. Twelve (12) couples from Cagayan de Oro, three (3) couples from IliganCity, three (3) couples and a priest from Dapitan City.  Dapitan couplesare being shepherd by Admin couple, Tad and Dang also coming from Manilais a gift for Mindanao. God is really pouring more blessings in Mindanaowhich known to be the land of promise. The promise is fulfilled becauseits our National Ecclesial Team gave the deeper weekend last August 2-4,2002 at Elena Tower in Iligan City. We are so happy and proud for Terry& Marnie Malicsi and Fr. Boy Gomez. Their enthusiasm and commitmentinspire us, thus, commuting after the deeper weekend from Iligan City neverfelt us tired and exhausted. The participants were so high. The teams madeused of the time sharing the significant realizations in the deeper weekendwith Terry & Marnie staying up to 3 A.M. at Vic& Nenet Residence.
 A week after the weekend, on-going pre-work shopping sessionswere being made in preparation for their talk-writing. 

Special Events!

 On Marriage Day!
 On the 10th of February this year, WME Cagayan de Oro couplescelebrated the World Marriage Day coupled with the search of King and Queenof Hearts 2002 as fund raising project to finance scheduled weekends for2002.  We started the celebration with a motorcade around the cityat 8:00 oclock in the morning.  It was followed immediately with canvassingof votes for Search of King & Queen of Hearts 2002. The candidateswere Divine& Nenet Soldevilla, Wennie & Juaning Vallescas, Jun& Yudon Ayudar,Waydo & Neneng Sablayan, Coyong & Liza Ma andMonding & NaomeLabalan.   Coyong & Liza Ma were crownedas King and Queen ofHearts 2002. The King and Queen of Hearts 2001, Boy& Sol Mendoza, turnedover their crowns with loud applause and tearsof happiness from the WME crowd.The celebration was ended with an enjoyablefellowship.  All coupleswent home very high and filled with Love.

WME 14 Years in Iligan!
 Cagayan de Oro and Iligan couples joined its efforts in the celebration of Iligan City 14th Anniversary on the 17th of February at Crystal Inn,Iligan City. It was attended by almost 100 couples, 3 widows and Fr. EmyManingo, CSSR as guest of the celebration.  Fr. Emy from Cebu againis temporarily assigned in Iligan Redemptorist    has inspiredthe couples through his sharing and singing ability during the occasion.Fr. Emy celebrated the mass. The celebration was highlighted by the re-echoof We Remember, We Believe, We Celebrate the theme of WME Philippines SilverAnniversary held in Cebu City last November. The activities in Cebu wereduplicated and improved from inputs to live video capture and LCD screenshow in Iligan City 14thyear. Iligan Couples expressed their jubilationby sharing how they felt andmet their belongingness as one WME community.

WME Inside Actions!

 *A Leadership Training Weekend was held on March 16 &17 atBalay Kalinga, Jasaan,  Misamis Oriental attended by Finance Group. 

 *In the observation of the Lenten Season, the couples hadviacrucis from Malasag Uphill to Cursillo House, a 6-kilometer walk on March27, Holy Wednesday.

 *As fund raising project, we held a Disco last 8th of April atMamagaya Disco, Cagayan de Oro.

 *Cagayan de Oro couples were blessed and happy to have Emie andEster, Manila couple, on April 20, 2002 and were enriched after experiencing a very beautiful input given by the wonderful couple together with their  single lady friend.

 *Love Circles/Living Cells is an on going activity of Iligan Couplesshepherd by Team Couple Boy & Nina Bering. No wonder why Iligan couplesare so high in cooperating with Cagayan de Oro couples during WMEweekend,pre-team formation and fund raising activities.

*In the preparation of the Deeper Weekend on August 2-4 at Elena Tower,Iligan City, the Teams conducted a Weekly Pre-Team Formation.  Itstarted on June 9 with a Kick-Off  activity and  ended on July 28.  The untiring efforts of the teams bear fruits of 12 couples who really made the deeper weekend.
 *To support the remaining scheduled activities for year 2002,fund raising is being organized through a raffle project.  There willbe 3 draws to be made, September 22, November 3 and December 29, 2002 asgranddraw.  The grand prize is one (1) unit Multi-Cab. 


Enrichment Going as Far As Ozamis City!!! 
 Cagayan de Oro-Iligan couples gave enrichment in Ozamis Citylast July 14, 2002 with Vic & Nenet Ladiona as anchor couple. The theme Ang Spirituality sa Kinabuhing Minyo was given to members of ChristianFamily& Life Apostolate (CFLA) in preparation for Family Congressnext year.The invitation for WME Cagayan de Oro -Iligan was initiatedby Loloy &May Ruben and Ester & Aiding, our WME couples in OzamisCity who alsohelped facilitate the said enrichment. Gerry & LudieAbadies, Mel &Jean Enterina shared their experiences and Boy &Nena Bering, Luner &Ivy Jutba of Iligan also helped facilitate thesaid enrichment.

Watch Out For More!!!
 Theres still a lot more activities coming up for Cagayan de Oro-Iligan. We will soon celebrate our 17th Year Anniversary in Cagayan de Oro in September, Strategic Planning for the Year 2003, Christmas Party and of course ourmain event for the year 2002, the National Board Meeting and discernmentof National Leadership on October 25-27.  We are busy preparing forthis event since this is the 1st time in Cagayan de Oro and also the 1stin Mindanao. To all participants, YOU ARE WELCOME to experience the beautifulisland of Camiguin with its hot and cold springs, white island and capturethe views of the century old church and underwater cemetery. For adventurer,you will enjoy the fantastic and exhilarating white water rafting in Mambuaya,Cagayan de Oro which our very own President of the Philippines has experienced.Tour in Del Monte Pineapple Plantation is also arranged. Golf enthusiasts,you may visit Pueblo de Oro Golf Course in Cagayan de Oro for your futuregolf tournament.  And of course, Pasalubong- Filipinos admired tradition,its time to bring home the famous Ham of Cagayan de Oro.  And theresa lot more!!!

WME Outside Actions!!! 

Open and Apostolic Activities

 WME Cagayan de Oro gave Parenting enrichment to Students andParents of Mindanao Institute of Career Management (MICM) last March 3,2002 at Roan Beach Resort, Opol, Misamis Oriental. It was the second timerequest of the school administrator of said school.  MICM expressedtheir admiration of WME enrichment approach.

BALIK (Bana Asawa Lantawa Inyong kaminyoon) 

*Last March 16, 2002, a 1-day BALIK Enrichment was given to churchworkercouples of San Antonio Parish where some of our WME couples belong. 

 *To enhance employees working attitude through strengthening couplerelationships, Sister Cornelie, recent Hospital Administrator, invited again WME couples to give BALIK, a 1-day enrichment, to Maria Reyna Hospital employees together with their spouses on May 5. It was anchored by Pilarof Jun Calubiran and WME couples as sharers.   It ended witha mass by Fr. Ed. Aguero and renewal of vows of all couples.  BALIK is already an on going enrichment program of Maria Reyna Hospitalfor the year 2002.  Second batch will be held in September 2002. WME couples have been giving BALIK since the past administration of MariaReyna Hospital. 

BALIK inLagonglong, Misamis Oriental
Ed & Nitz Dangazo

More than 250 person, parents of high school students, guardians andwidows attended BALIK (Bana, Asawa, Lantawa Inyong Kaminyoon) a wholedayparenting enrichment held last October 21, 2001 at St. John Baptist HighSchool, Lagonglong, Misamis Oriental.. WME Cagayan de Oro O & A couplesfacilitated the big crowd with Pilar Calubiran as an anchor. Ed & NitzDangazo, Totoy & Grace Alovera, Mario & Ging-ging Abratiguin, Gerry& Ludie Abadies, Mel & Jean Enterina with daughter Jay-jay sharedtheir experiences.  Group facilitators were Vic & Nenet Ladiona,Bong & Inday Sungcad, Ban & Arlene Almazan, Berting & Ging-gingGonzalez, Nick & Rose Gonzales, Joe & Tata Lumantas, Jun &YudonAyudar, Lando & Marlene Magaro, Egay & Bebie Magayanes. Singingthesong, We Remember, We Celebrate, We Believe performed by the group,openedthe enrichment.

Parents, guardians and widows expressed their sincere thanks and happinessby making them aware of themselves, refresh their romance and reflect Godslove for us. Most of them shared the uniqueness of the enrichment that they were able to relate on every topic. 

The enrichment culminated with a Mass officiated by Fr. Reno ofLagonglongParish. Sister Pureza, principal of St. John Baptist High Schoolexpressedher thanks to Worldwide Marriage Encounter.


WME Cagayan de Oro Iligan will be celebrating its 16th Anniversary onSunday, September 30, 2001 at the GAD Hall, Philippine Port Authority Building, Macabalan at 8:00am to 4:00pm. The theme of the celebration is Malipayong Magtiayon=Malipayong Pamilya=Malipayong Katilingban.  The highlights of the celebration are the Launching of the Living Cells to be facilitated by our Guest Couple, Sam & Marin Uy, National Living Cell Coordinator  and a Thanksgiving Mass to be officiated by Fr. Ed Aguero, our Team Priest. This will be followed by Parlor Games, Ballroom Dancing Contest, Raffle Draw and promotion of the WME Silver Anniversary in Cebu.

Fr. Ed Aguero - 41stbirthday and 14th year of priesthood

 Fr. Ed, our WME team priest here in Cagayan de Oro-IliganCommunitysimply celebrated his 41st birthday and 14th year of priesthoodwith aMass officiated by himself at their Sacred Heart Seminary in UpperMacasandig,Cagayan de Oro City last October 10, 2001.  A short programcontributedby the seminarians and youths give Fr. Ed a simple happiness.That is Fr.Ed, a simple priest yet sincere and dedicated in his vocation.Some ofthe WME couples were present during the said occasion. Fr. Ed is sharinghis time to WME by giving weekends, attend meetings and other activitiesinspite of his hectic time.


Please include in your prayer the Father of Sol of Boy Mendoza who isnow in ICU and her brother who is also confine at Maria Reyna Hospital, Cagayan de Oro City


WME-CDO will be having a weekend on October 12, 13 & 14, 2001 atthe Manresa Retreat House, Carmen Hill, in Cagayan de Oro City.  The presenting teams are Vic & Nenet Ladiona (Admin Couple), Nitz &Ed Dangazo (MMW), Bong & Inday Sungcad (EWS) and Fr. Ed Aguero. 
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CDO-O & A WeekendUpdates
Last Sunday, May 27, 2001 the Christian Family and Life ApostolateofNazareno Parish held a weekend seminar for the youth and parents at CursilloHousein Malasag, Cagayan de Oro City. The O and A  (Open and Apostolic)group is headed by Ed & Nitz Dangazo. CFLA invited the group to takechargeof the day. The WME couples gave FREE (Family Relationship EnrichmentExperience) based programs to the participants.  Although the invitationwas just two days before the scheduled seminar, the dedicated and resourcefulCDOO& A couples were able to formulate the input in mere two nights.Ofcourse,much credit goes to Pilar Calubiran for anchoring the lead in,andalso toMel and Jean and daughter Jay-jay, to Gerry and Ludie, theirdaughterInday,and Tetel the daughter of Ed & Nitz who gave her talktogetherwith herbeloved parents during the seminar.

Msgr. Roa, parish priest of Nazareno, celebrated the mass as part oftheweekend seminar.

Parents shared with their eyes flooded with tears of joy, because forthe first time they heard the negative feelings about them from their children that were kept deep inside for a long time because of fear. Children likewise, shared how they felt light, "nga maorag naibtan ug tunok."  They added that it was full of realization as they started communicating through the one on one communication process backed up by small group sharing. Thetopics included Sino Ako, If Only, You Hear Me, One More Try.

A bridging 1 session was held at Oro Chamber Conference Room with Vicand Nenet, Gerry and Ludie ans Pilar.

Silver Anniversary Updates;  Boy and Sol Mendoza will be joining the SilverJubilee celebration in Cebu, together with 7other couples and a widow. Thereare other 7 couples who are paying throughthe Huloga Project, who all havetheir sincerest intent on coming. Ed &Nitz are working hard in recruitingmore couples in joining the milestonecelebration in WME Philippines' history.

It is with sadness in the CDO WME community to announce the passingawayof Erick Mendajao husband of Cecil who died last May 19,2001 at thePolymedic Hospital. The community has offered prayers and condoled withthe bereaved family.

 WME Cagayan deOro/IliganCommunity
Celebrates 15th Year Anniversary
By Ed & Nitz Dangazo

That's right, the Cagayan de Oro-Iligan community celebrated it's 15thyear anniversary last Oct. 8, 2000. The event took place at the Vesdro BeachResort in Bayabas, Cagayan de Oro City. The big event was highlighted bythe Theme: "Ipasanag Ang Relasyon Sa Magti-ayon Diha Sa Bag-ong Milenyo."The visayan term for "Let Your Couple Relationship Shine in the New Milennium."
More than 50 couples, their families and priests shared their time,talents and treasures to make the occasion truly memorable. Yes! The WMEcommunity here have remained steadfast and committed for the past 15 years.Becauseof Love, many couples overcame their many barriers. Truly, theWME couplesofthis twin cities has boldly faced the challenge in changingthe world throughcouple relationship.

Part of the program was a Thanksgiving mass celebrated by WME'sveryown priest and Spiritual Director Msgr. Tex Legitimas, SSJV. Msgrs.Texinspired the couples on his homily on how the community has survived throughtheyears. The community's involvement in the Parish as he also mentionedhaschallenged us to work overtime for the Archbishop to feel our presenceandcommitment.

The couples missed Fr. Ed Aguero, the ecclesial Team Priest during thecelebration, because he was in Argentina.

The program featured also an enrichment presented by Vic and NenetteLadiona -the Zone Coordinating Couple of Cebu. Vic & Nenette reallygaveso much inspiration and entertainment during the affair.

They shared that, "when we are not in the mood, just draw a smilingface in our  index finger, look at it and say hello!!! and it keepsusalive again. Laugh at our problems and say Ha!Ha!Ha!. Say Zst!Zsst!!Zssst!!!,and speak with our index and thumb fingers to the person to whom we expressour love." The sharing inspired and put so much joy in the couples thataHello!!! and Zst!Zsst!!Zssst!!! fever caught up.
The presence of 1st weekenders who are still active and kicking, stimulated much whispers and appreciations from the newer ones. The whole day affair has forged a closer relationship among the couples as a community. It renewed our commitment by changing the world through our COUPLE RELATIONSHIP.
continuation on next columnKINGANDQUEEN OF HEARTS FOR A CAUSE!!!
By Ed & Nitz Dangazo

Our community celebrated Valentine's Day last February 18, 2001at GADHall, PPA, Cagayan de Oro with much fun and funds for the community.Althoughitwas a belated engagement yet the couples showed a fresh heartto theirspouse.The crowning of King and Queen of Hearts Boy and Sol Mendozahighlightedtheevent. Nito and Remy Vasquez, reigning King and Queen of Heartsturnedoverthe scepter to their new successor to command the Kingdom of Hearts.Theroyal march of King Boy and Queen Sol backup by the entourage, DialogueCouple(1strunner-up) - Lino and Raquel Babano, Feeling Couple(2nd runner-up)Louiand Belly Estillore, Weekend Couple(3rd runner-up Caloy and SuzetteUrbina,LivingCell Couple(4th runner-up) Nanding and Ivy Miclat, ignitedmuch applauseandappreciation from the audience.  The community hasgenerated fundsinthat event.
The first appearance of Admin Vic and Nenette Ladiona in the communityhas added jubilation among couples in the occasion. At last, we have acomplete set!!! We have a newly adopted Admin, team priest-Fr. Ed Aguero,two setter-Ed and Nitz Dangazo, 1st setters (EWS)-Bong and Inday Sungcad,Gerry and Ludie Abadies and 2nd setter (MMW)-Nanding and Ivy Miclat.

Con't of WME Cagayan de Oro/Iligan Community
Celebrates 15th Year Anniversary
The 15th Anniversary celebration was successful because of love translated into action by our couples. And of course, much credit goes to Gerry-Ludie Abadies & Fr. Ed Aguero, our Ecclesial Team, and Pilar Calubiran whoall showed their no retreat-no surrender attitude.

Our 15th year is just a take-off of our journey to the Silver dreamofour community. We dream! Dream!! Dream!!!

Our WME Community here in Cagayan de Oro-Iligan express deep sympathy, offered prayers and condoled withthe bereaved WME families of the following:

1.Teodoro Lloren died last July 28,2001. He is the brother of Yudon of Jun Ayudar 

2.Eloida Balbutin   - diedlast July 27, 2001. She is the mother of Fred of Lita Balbutin

3.Elena Legaspi Taal died last nightat 9:50 P.M.,Aug. 9, 2001 at CCC Gen.
Hospital.  She is the sister of Nitz of Ed Dangazo, TaTa of Joe Lumantas, and brother of Modge of LuzLegaspi. Her body lies at Cosmopolitan Funeral Homes, Capistrano Street,Cagayan de Oro City.  Internment will be announced later.

By Ed & Nitz Dangazo

LAKBAY SUGBO (Lantawa Ang Kaanindot Bana Asawa Your Savings Unite usGoing Big Opportunity) is a short termed project of our community aimed to encourage couples who cannot afford lump sum to join in the coming silver anniversary in Cebu on November 16-18, 2001. It is an 8month Huluga wherein coupleswill save an amount every quincena by depositing it to the designated projecttreasurer.
Many couples are now registering and some have started depositing.


By Ed & Nitz Dangazo

The CDO/Iligan WME O & A group went to the Mary Immaculate Academy at Jasaan, Misamis Oriental  last February 27, 2001. Ed & NitzDangazo lead the group and they gave an enrichment entitled "I HAVE A DREAM"tothe graduating high school students and their parents.  It is afamilyenrichment aimed at motivating graduating students to dream andshare theirdreams with their parents in a family dialogue.

The enrichment was very successful and made possible through the untiringand sleepless support of Larpi Calubiran, our inspiration and son Harvey,ourcoordinating couple Bong & Inday Sungcad and theirdaughter Maya.Ournewly adopted admin Vic & Nenette Ladiona, teams Gerry & LudieAbadiesand son Eugene,Mel & Jean Enterina and daughter Jay-jay andpre-teamSammy & ClairCainhog and daughter Mhay-mhay, who have shared theirdreams, elicited muchappreciation and realization from the parents andstudents.
We have been giving O & A enrichments in this school for the lastthree years. Sister Vangie, the administrator of this school has expressedherheartfelt thanks to WME.  This year would be her last term andproudlytold usthat she will endorse WME to facilitate the same to whoeverwillbe the nextschool administrator.

Did you know that some very important event took place in Cagayan deOro-Iligan WME community last October 8, 2000?
Nope! Nobody got kidnapped or a threw bomb in the town plaza this time.
There was a celebration, and here's that very special news that Ed&Nitz Dangazo, the communication couple in WME Cagayan de Oro &Iligancommunity send in.

Ed & Nitz Dangazo

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