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The Prelude to Silver Anniversary Enrichment launched in Dumaguete was well attended by all the zones and satellites in Visayas and Mindanao. Terry & Marnie the National Coordinator gave the first module while the ever popular and durable couple Pol & Nena Repotente gave the rest of the 5 modules. Terry & Marnie says, "It was a beautiful  enrichment...  in terms of content, simplicity in the presentation, and impact on couples."

The attendance was good with 35 couples from various zones. What  was very encouraging were the action plans of couples from the different zones on how they can echo this enrichment to their different zones They showed relentless effort to invite more couples to come to the Silver Anniversary.

The Balamban Community of Cebu had 7 couples participants and pledged to support and invite all their couples in Balamban to  attend the Silver Anniversary.  Basilan was represented with two couples and so far has confirmed that they will continue to campaign for attendance. On a percentage basis, Basilan has the highest registered couples going to attend the Silver Anniversary. They have 45 couples coming.

Basilan inspite of the recent calamities and difficulties in their place- is a challenge to the other zones of WME to work harder to encouraged couples to register.

The feedback of couples coming out from the enrichment was very positive and hopefully they will be sending more couples to the Silver Anniversary than expected.


Our very own Worldwide Marriage Encounter movement has been featured on TV and radio stations in Dumaguete.  This is want we wanted all along, to get involved, to be heard and known outside the Worldwide Marriage Encounter family.  This is our vision and dream, to be a sign and to make the difference in peoples lives.

Andy & Nora, Len & Wiv, Fr. Gerry and Fr. Boy, together with 2 youths, Caring - Madil from the Commission on Family Life were featured on an 8 PM talk show on TV Dumaguete.  The topic was "Building a Loving Relationship in the Family."  Fr. Boy and our couples had to answer questions like, where are we now as a movement? What are we doing for the Church? Where are we going, and have we made a difference in our society and in our country?  The guesting on TV has to do with the Celebration of the Jubilee Families last Oct 14-15.

Then this Tuesday Oct. 17,  our teams and priest will again participate in the "Kapihan Sa Pia", tackling the same topic.

Last Sunday, Oct. 15, Nitz & Lyn,  Bob & Ica were on TV again sharing our vision and mission.  Not only in the media are our Dumaguete couples so active but also they have to give talks at the Cathedral, in San Jose and at the Seminary, to the parents of the seminarians.

Now Terry & Marnie, and Fr. Boy has this message for all of us.
It is about time we involve ourselves on TV, radio and get media exposure so the world will know that we exist and what we are all about? Maybe we can look into opportunities in ways we can get into local talk show, radio and TV.

The challenge to us is, to actively and aggressively participate in national issues affecting marriage and families together with other family movements.

Terry & Marnie and Fr. Boy's challenge for us is, "What Dumaguete did to promote our vision is just one of the ways of making the difference. Perhaps your zone has similar opportunities?"

A deeper weekend is scheduled from August 11-13, 2000.  Edgar & Sonia Sarrosa, together with Fr. Boy Gomez have been blessed the task to conduct the deeper and more meaningful weekend in the team formation. The WME Philippines leadership wish to ask for your prayers for the success of this weekend.  For more information, please contact Andy and Nora Gregorio at (053) 225-1720
The National Board is meeting in Dumaguete on July 28-30, 2000.  Topics of outmost importance, and the forth coming Silver anniversary will be tackled in the meeting.

Dumaguete had their weekend last March 10-12, 2000 with 8 couples and 1 priest.  They are scheduling a weekend in Sequijor on April 14-16, 2000 as their first reach out this year.



Hello there dear Lovers. Are you already aware that our WWME-Philippines Silver Anniversary is forthcoming?
Yes! our beloved apostolate will be 25 years touching the lives of countless couples and thier families.
It is going to be a momentous event next year, November 16-19, 2001.

Join the bandwagon and don't be left out.  It will be a once in a lifetime event.

Alot of prepartion is going on right now, and the organizers wants you to join in. In the coming months
couples from the organizing commitee will come and visit you, to drum up awareness from all of you couples who believe in the sacrament of matrimony and priesthood.

Stop whatever you are doing and book this event in your calendar.
We want as many couples as possible to attend this dream come true event. See you soon.


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