Hello there dear Lovers. Are you already aware that our WWME-Philippines Silver Anniversary is forthcoming?
Yes! our beloved apostolate will be 25 years touching the lives of countless couples and thier families.
It is going to be a momentous event next year, November 16-19, 2001.

Join the bandwagon and don't be left out.  It will be a once in a lifetime event.

Alot of prepartion is going on right now, and the organizers wants you to join in. In the coming months
couples from the organizing commitee will come and visit you, to drum up awareness from all of you couples who believe in the sacrament of matrimony and priesthood.

Stop whatever you are doing and book this event in your calendar.
We want as many couples as possible to attend this dream come true event. See you soon.



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Let's do it!

Mindoro had their weekend last March 10-12, 2000 with 16 couples in the weekend.  So motivated, they are scheduling their next weekend on May 12-14, 2000.  They aim to have 20 couples attend the weekend.  The teams were Manny & Connie, Ernie & Tess and Fr. Opet.

The 16 couples that attended the weekend are having their bridging process going on every weekend.

The Mindoro community  is fully active especially on Saturdays and Sundays giving parenting programs and other enrichment to other couples.  The Living Cells program meets every Fridays or Saturdays evenings.

Eddie & Rose,  the Mindoro Coordinator says, “Our community is lucky for having 7 couples  attended the deeper weekend held last January 2000.  Now they are the ones who are active, visible and committed couples who take turns in giving the bridging process and parenting enrichments.  As a matter of fact during the last week of March, 204 parents attended our parenting program. These couples are looking  forward and are enthusiastic about the forthcoming workshopping”

Their other activities include fund raising to finance the forth coming weekends.

The handsome and the beautiful WME team of Manny & Connie together with our good looking priest, Fr. Greg Buenavista will give a workshopping weekend in Mindoro from May 12 – 14, 2000.

Mindoro had another successful weekend last May 12-14, 2000 .  They had 17 recruits. The participants came from different areas of Mindoro and comes from all walks of life.  There were teachers, fishermen, lay ministers, farmers, OCWs, church workers, housekeepers, and vendors.  The new encountered couples are enthusiastics about the next scheduled  weekend, July 14-16, 2000, and promised to recruit more for next weekend.

A two-day workshopping weekend followed for the equally enthusiastic and happy couples who had attended the deeper weekend last January.  The very supportive admin couples Manny & Connie, together with the loving and ever committed Fr. Greg were very happy with the results of the workshoping because the participants were able to write on the EWS.

Fr. Greg also had a meeting with the team couples with the agenda on "Awareness of an Ideal Team Couple";  "How can we improve our commitment during WME weekend".  The couples were refocused especially on their duties and responsibilities, that the teams are the leaders/shepherds of the community and they are not only to give their talks but most of all to be supportive as a whole to the community;  To be role models - to humble themselves, that each couples lifestyles should conform with the moral values of what we are saying and to purify ourselves, because we are giving our coupleness.  The committed couples are not only involved during the weekend, or when there are assigned task to do, but all throughout.  It is emphasized further that we are encountered couples not only in helping others but foremost to our spouse, and to decide to love always.

The meeting ended with a smile in each heart.  Each one was aware that in serving the Lord, there are barriers, but with Him on our side everything will be made possible and sucessful.

Reachout To Sablayan Penal Colony

There is a scheduled plan to reachout to Sablayan Penal Colony on June 4, 2000.  This place is about 100 kilometers away from San Jose.  The participants will most likely be prisoners, employees and officials of the colony.

Eddie & Rose the Mindoro Zone Coordinator, is requesting for your prayers and love to make these plans and missions possible.

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